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Create An App For Your Church

All businesses require maintaining their popularity in the market in order to prove their dominance in the market. There are several tools and methods through which various firms can promote their business ideas and products to their target audience. With the rapid advancement in the field of digitalization, advertising or promotion through online portals is one of the most efficient ways of increasing the popularity of the product. Other efficient means of reaching the target audience is to take advantage of the fact that people’s lives nowadays, revolves around smartphones and mobile applications. This is why it is necessary for each firm to have a mobile application for interacting with their target audience on a personal level.


Religious communities are no exception to this. A church or other religious communities provide several mediums to connect with other people and with the higher power. Several religious communities are turning toward the tools of technology in order to reach out to new people and encourage them to join their community. Most of the fathers of the church and popes even have FB and Twitter accounts so that they can reach their Catholic followers within a few seconds and impart their wisdom to them. Various religious communities like church have their own mobile applications that help them expand their service area to a wider group of people. Having a church app helps the religious communities to get in touch more frequently with each other. A church can easily seek the help of any church app builder and get themselves a wonderful application.


Why Church Needs an App


The advancement in the technology, mobile applications in specific, have brought a great revolution in the way people work and communicate with each other. Religious communities like Church also try to make most out of the benefits of the mobile applications. The mobile applications give Churches better opportunity to deliver their teachings to their followers in a convenient way. Moreover, people following the church have regular updates about the several events going on or are going to happen in the future.


Some of the common usages of mobile applications are summarised as follows:

  • Better Communication – Having an application for the church, helps the community to interact in a more convenient way, anytime from anywhere. Moreover, they provide a perfect medium to encourage new people to join the community and increase the reach of the church. In addition, people using the application stay up to date with all the happenings going on in their community.
  • Better Opportunities – Several people often voluntarily make donations towards the church. Statistics show that about forty percent of the Christians give donations to the church each month. If a church possesses an application, it would be easier for people to provide their contributions. They can conveniently make payments through the application while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, applications provide a more secure method of payment and people do not have to go through any hassles.
  • Access to the services – Churches can easily update videos, sermons and bible readings on their own application. This helps the followers of the church to read bibles, have religious talks, and watch videos anytime from anywhere. This way church can easily spread their message to a wider group of people at any hour of the day.
  • Cost efficient and time-saving – In order to spread the news about the latest events or functions that are going to happen in the church, they have to create several emails and newsletters that consume both time and money of the team. However, if the church has its own applications they can advertise about their events in a more convenient less costly way. This also saves their valuable time, which they can utilize for preparing for the event. Moreover, with mobile applications, their promotion can cover more regions as compared to other conventional methods of promotion.
  • User Participation – Mobile applications allow several features to their users. It is highly likely that people who once installed the church applications would be using it for long times. Moreover, with the convenience that mobile applications bring, people easily engage in the activities of the church and provide dedicated contributions to their community.

Problems faced by the church in building mobile applications


In this advancing world, churches also have to make modifications in their methods to deliver their message to their followers. However, they often have to face several troubles and doubts while building the applications.


Churches are more of reactors in the world. They do not possess the qualities of proactive leadership. This is why they lay emphasis on the concern that advancement in the field of technology might cost them real relationships and building strong trusted relationships is one of the most important beliefs of the church. Next, the younger generations are not so much inclined towards the church methods. Hence, in order to gather the attention of young people, churches need to bring more advancement in their methods so that they are able to address them in a way that is more appealing to young generations.


The people who work in the church are extremely busy with the activities of the church. Hence, with their restricted schedules the team of the church does not have enough time to deal with the applications and their maintenance. In order to keep the audience engaged with the applications, the team needs to; constantly update the contents of the application as frequently as possible. Moreover, the resources that various churches provide need optimization so they can appear on the applications.


Churches often do not have big budgets that they can afford to spend on the technological advancements. They have to face many constraints before they invest in the mobile application development. Moreover, people have access to bible readings and sermons through the internet for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Hence, the chances that people will download applications for these services are very few.


How churches can overcome these problems


The applications specifically designed for churches provide the exact features that the church requires. They contain several features like prayers, forms, downloadable content, and many more that helps the church to deliver the services to much wider audiences easily. The church applications are a perfect form of technology that helps to bring people together. They enable communities to build real-life relationships without needing to be in a close proximity.


With church applications that update on a regular basis helps their users to constantly, engage in the church activities. As the church applications, provide digital convenience for the common conventional services of the church, they attract the attention of younger Christians as well. Thereby, increasing the number of followers. Even people who are busy all-time in the week, they also can simply check into the app and receive all the updates related to the church.


Create Church applications


There are several firms in the market that offer to build an app for the church. Any church community can seek the help of church app builder and create a great impressive application for their users. All the church needs to do is give the details of their requirements and the developers will create the exact applications that suit the given requirements.

  • The church must ensure to select attractive and custom designs to provide the better user experience. A simple good-looking interface makes users visit the application more often. This, in turn, is beneficial for the church to promote their services and events.
  • The church application must contain features that clearly depicts the services that the church provides. They must contain features of bible reading, donations, sermons, etc. and ensure that the users of the app face no inconvenience in using the application.
  • The church must ensure that after the application is ready, it must be available on the various application stores available on the internet. Google play store and apple app store is the most important ones.

Essential Features of a Church application


There is the various church app builder on the internet. These builders when paid efficiently, they make the application-rich with features. Unlike the other applications, which offer many interesting features, church applications provide features that are more sophisticated. Hence, the church needs to have such features in their applications that make their followers engaged. Some of the key features any application must consist are:

  • Mobile friendly – The application must be optimizable in order to be compatible with the smartphones. Implementing mobile solutions is quite easy, but the church needs to make efficient applications so that they can uniquely highlight all the features of the application.
  • Sermons – By having sermon notes on the church application the community can save lots of money. Several churches waste a huge amount of dollars in order to get the sermon notes printed. Moreover, they are important for meetings and seminar. If sermon notes are on the church applications, then followers of the church do not have to go with the trouble of arranging all notes. They can easily save the digital notes on their smartphones and access them whenever they feel like.
  • Push Notifications – This feature is one of the most necessary features of any application because push notifications are a great way to get reminders about the upcoming events. App users do not even have to log into the application. Push notifications automatically appear on the smartphones whenever the due date of a set reminder arrives.
  • Daily Devotion – Mobile applications are a great way to interact with the followers on a personal level. Popes or fathers can regularly update motivational messages on the applications that keep the followers inspired and their faith in God intact.
  • Video and Audio Recordings – People are often in hurry and do not have much time to read sermon notes. Although a person can easily watch a video while sitting in bed or listen to an audio clip while exercising. Hence, having audio and video clips of the sermons held in the church are a great feature for a church application. Moreover, making use of a church app builder for adding background mode feature is also a smart choice. With background mode on, people can listen to the sermons even after minimizing the application.


The basic key to start the development of the mobile application is to decide how the followers will use the application and what needs require fulfilling on the part of church app builder to make the application responsive and easy to use. These factors are more important than considering the cost of the development process. In the end, even the low-cost applications are worth developing if they provide the correct features to the users. Churches are a holy destination, the teachings and advice from the priests are very essential for people to stay peaceful in their lives. If churches have their own mobile applications, they can deliver their services to their followers in a more convenient way while keeping their faith intact in the mighty spirit.


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