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There have been a lot of technological advances with modern inventions being propagated for the well-being of man. Seeing the overall development in the field of marketing and digital advancement is increasing and spreading like wildfire, the outcome has reflected quite a positive attitude on the economy. Standard growth in the social media platform along with increasing sales is surely a positive step ahead towards a good futuristic setup.  But what are the basic new inventions that have taken place in relation to the Smartphone industry? Obviously, new design and features have captured the entire mobile market scenario. There is also a necessity to look into the importance of applications that have basically dominated the minds of the youth today. Downloading and installing such applications is quite easy. From day to day chores to a good bedtime routine, an application does it all. Since the whole world is totally gripped in this app arena, let’s take a step further to understand the very basic qualities of an application and its full industry.


Does an app rule us or we rule an app?


It’s not a bad question ask as to what would have happened if such an invention wouldn’t have taken place. Most mobile applications are certain files that are created by different software companies to enhance the growth of the digital industry.  It’s really a noteworthy fact that we are dominated by the use of applications. A careful survey clearly proves the point that at least 6 hours out of 24hours, is lost scrolling through mobile phones and downloading and installing apps. Since we are modern, and modern aesthetics cater to the level of comfortably first, it’s not surprising to note that we are being ruled by the app market. Although apps have both their advantages and disadvantages, more or less we surely are depended on these applications for something or the other. However, the basic idea behind designing an application is not easy. Most well-designed and expert software companies require immense technological skills and advanced computer training to build a good app.  It manifests within itself the ability to serve the whole community by incorporating qualities that are required by individuals in the day to day chores. For one or the other reason, mobile applications have become one of the basic prerequisites of mankind. The dominance of apps has largely boosted the online app market by a minimum of 30%. Most individuals now want to be a part of this app industry in order to boost his knowledge of digitalization. It’s a perfect career platform for the young generation wanting to seek a good livelihood. Therefore, in order to pacify the big problem of app making, there are certain websites that are the instant solution to it. Individuals eagerly waiting to launch new apps in the market can simply log in to certain specific websites, where the app can be easily made. Moreover, there are also various new other apps that cater to app creation.


Severe drawbacks that come along with app making:


As reported, app making is a crucial task. It generally requires an expert individual to design and create an app that successfully caters to the needs of the public. However, one also has to be quite disciplined in the field of app making. All app developers have to consider storage, file sizes, and other configuration settings before building one. The app making industry requires a specialized atmosphere, where all the apps are first tested with emulators and later goes through field testing. It is rather a costly affair for companies to develop apps.  Most start-ups face investment difficulties as well. Other than that, the app created must have a compatibility with all electronic devices. No apps thus created, should heavily lead to battery discharge issues. This can instantly create a bad impression and can lead to a monetary loss in the app market. Additionally, all apps created by software companies have to go through tough competition with other apps as well. So, all apps must have unique features and designs to attract potential customers. With so much to keep in mind, the process of such an immense task has been successfully reduced. With recent advancements in all fields of commerce and management, app making has various other alternatives to choose from.  But the entry of certain websites in the industry has somewhat lowered the hurdles in the app making process. With very little knowledge and expertise, potential individuals can now build new apps with extraordinary design and features to boost the ongoing app industry.


Various choices of apps in the app industry:


An application not only caters to several daily activities like booking a cab, or ordering food, but with the new modern apps being developed, applications also delve deeper into education, lifestyle, and health secrets as well. App builders specifically cater to a particular group of targeted audience and they realize the weakness in the market. In terms of providing quality education and knowledge, app makers can now make good education apps with the favorite quiz and survey app builder. An individual can easily create quizzes and survey sheets out of this app builder.  It’s not a huge task; just a few steps and it’s done. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the Quiz App Builder and Survey App Builder are as follows.


The quiz and survey app builder:


A good app builder must essentially cater to all the needs of a customer. This newly designed application has been a hot topic to talk about. However, before starting the quiz making process, the app builder must be downloaded. Here is a quick guide to downloading the app builder fast in minutes:

  • An application should entertain a particular category like fashion, exercise, food, music, lifestyle, art, and craft, education or others. These options are immediately available once the user registers himself or herself with app builder. A confirmation link is sent to that registered email. A quick tap can activate the link and the user is all set to develop new applications.
  • A drop-down menu with various app categories pops up. After selecting the education category, it’s now time to introduce all the features that can make the app stand out of the crowd and extraordinary. One can experiment with a wide array of qualities depending on certain reviews.
  • The selection of the features leads to the final step, which is giving it a quick trial. This will ensure whether the app is worth to be launched in the market or needs further revision and up-gradation. If the app succeeds in incorporating all the massive features, it is given a green signal or else it is sent for further review.


No coding or decoding skills are required to design any applications. Also, there is a drop and drag feature that lets the users create the most beautifully designed application. The aim of the majority of the app builders is to make every application accessible to all businesses so that it is easily available to all customers through their gadgets. The apps are published through one’s own developer account and are therefore certified.


Characteristics of the quiz and survey app builder:


Is this app maker different from the rest in the market?


App developers can easily set quiz contests and survey questions to ascertain the knowledge level of an individual. Quizzes can be of all types and such an online platform can prove to be an essential part of examination practice. One can add several pictures and videos for further knowledge on a given topic. The developer can fully customize the features so as to make the app totally unique. However, here is a full list of all the features provided by the Quiz App Builder and Survey App Builder


Quiz app builder:

  • Customization: It’s necessary to give a personal touch to the quiz by including a questionnaire series that lets an individual solve certain questions. There also has to be a perfect layout plan and design as to how the topics and questions would arrive one by one.
  • Variable topics to opt for: A lot can be incorporated by the app builder when it comes to topics. There can be multiple answer questions, closed questions, choose the following questions etc. the topics thus covered up must mostly satisfy the contemporary people.
  • Enabling to show the correct answer after each question: This feature is the best when it comes to creating a good quiz. Transparency is necessary and so showing the right answer is a good option if the app developer wants to do so.
  • Providing educational messages: The most Quiz App Builder has the option to include educational videos and messages in order to add more specificity and enable the audience to get more knowledge. Most app makers try to include this essentiality to make the app more distinctive.
  • A top score list: The quiz thus created should also feature a list of the winners. This will bring in a good scorecard and the individual can analyze himself or herself personally.
  • Multi-level quiz: With the new app builder, it’s possible for app developers to include this multi-function feature as well for a sophisticated setup. This will guarantee greater customer flow and also increased downloads.


Survey App Builder:

  • Creating a survey space: Making a survey space can ensure automatic registration of candidates wanting to take a survey on a particular topic.
  • Tracking details: App developers can introduce this feature where an individual can track his or her survey progress sheet. This will give a transparency to the survey done.
  • Providing surveying examples: Most app makers forget to analyze and include survey sheets that help in giving a good survey about a topic. It’s essential that all recent topics are covered up as great examples for a survey.


The various contents available through the app builder:


An application can serve multiple divisions and departments. This app builder is highly efficient in including all recent and contemporary quiz and survey topics. Additionally, all ideas need to be absolutely polished and brushed to give the perfect shape to an app. Keeping in mind the activities it is going to perform, all applications must be crystal clear in terms of contents. All objectives should be towards the proper growth of the app building industry.


The regime of the quiz and survey app builder:


Since no specific criteria are required for making apps through this builder, individuals and professionals can easily engage in the task of app making and include authentic features and exclusive designs to make the applications unique. Moreover, care should be taken that all applications thus created, should be compatible with all platforms including Android and IOS devices. Launching a multifunctional app in the market promotes greater sales and therefore, increases the merit of the app developer.


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