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With technology rising at its best and reaching to every profession, branch or habit of the human beings, the market of real estate stays as no exception. The market has its ups and downs and is very unpredictable most of the days. It would come to you as a non- shocker to you that the profession of real estate is one of the most difficult ones according to some leading business magazines. There are many things you have to take care of being in this business, the decisions you take, the investments you make, every step has to be well thought and then be put to action.


Coming back to technology and the profession, taking your business to phones and applications proves to be a fruitful investment in the long run especially for the potential real estate tycoons. The apps as we know they do have a good reach just like social media do, they can be easily downloaded and your business would flourish soon. Your business information would be on the go, people would find it very easy to reach you and you will also get a nice recognition through your apps for your work. In situations like this, Real Estate App Maker would be highly recommendable. This will get you all the specifications you need for your app.


If you have already invested in your very own application, what comes next is selecting as to how and what is going to be on your website. To help you with it, let’s get to figuring out the things you would need to do with your app and what kind of content would it hold. Jotting down a list of things you would want to work upon and strictly want your app to do can may also do. Let’s begin with the problems you face that could be solved by your app.

  1. What we would want in the first place would be to get leads on the market. This, of course, will help you the most when it comes to earning a profit.
  2. Since you have leads already on the market now, what you need to do is manage them and make the most out of them.
  3. When you get leads and you also learn to manage them, you should start thinking about the purchases that you could make that will get you the maximum profit. Therefore, make you app focus to sustain and produce more leads that could help you make purchases and investments, starting from a small one in the beginning.
  4. And once you are doing the small-scale purchasing right, you can get into bigger purchases as well. You can get your Real Estate App Maker to make you the best features necessary to do so.
  5. The business you are in requires locations and mapping data that would help your clients and customers to get all the required information for it. To make even easier, you can include a directory that would have all the necessary listings of the content you want to present to the customers. The more details you put in it, the better would it work. You can do that by putting in videos and picture and many other things that would help your clients get a closer look at you.
  6. If you are going to have an app, you surely would need a website too. You can add links to your official website on the app and do the same for your app on the website. The links your app would have can include the one to the website, to the videos, pictures and other activities that you would want to show off to the clients.
  7. What you do in your business is upload the real estate listings that are in huge chunks. These listings would have to be uploaded on your app so that the clients can have a good look at it and can refer to it whenever needed. You can either upload those listings manually or get your app to do it for you. Personally, going for the latter would be less time taking and be easier as you would have many other important things to take care of other than the uploading. There are specific features that be added to the app by the Real Estate App Maker that could perform bulk uploading of content whenever you want.


Make provisions to contact you:

Since you will be showcasing your extravagant selection of property all over, your customers would develop some preferences regarding which they would contact you. For that to happen successfully, you would require an easy way to help your customers and potential clients to easily call you. You usually provide your contact info on the first page or the home page but what if they want to look at the listing they have selected, be on the same page and then contact you? Not having this on your site is sure to be an inconvenience for the customers. To tackle this, what you need is a link to your contact that would be added to all the pages of the app, clicking on which, your potential client would be able to call you and be on the same page as is their favorite listing; Real Estate App Maker would help you do that very easily.


Ease your customer’s work as much as possible:

Once you have made it easy for them to contact you, the next step they would want to take is to meet up and discuss the listings they are interested in. This would require a way to get an appointment from you guys as early as possible mostly. The clients should not have to go wasting their entire day just to fix up an appointment with their real estate agent. Make it as quick as possible. The best method would be to put this on phone. Take appointments to your app and let them save one for themselves there and then. This would cut down yours as well as their work. Also, since this would be happening online, you would have a clear record of all the set appointments and you can go about them accordingly.


This will also cut down all the phone calls that would swing by you to ask questions, etc. and include unnecessary conversations. By doing so, the customers would just switch on the app, select their preferences, have a look at their calendar and click on the days available for them and your work is done. Easy, right?


You can get many plugins for your app that will help you do that with without much struggle. You get an appointment book in the app itself by the Real Estate App Maker and you can even try out many other activities with the plugins as well.


Increase your communication platform:

Apart from being there on the mainstream networks, try expanding the circle by being a part of almost all the social networks namely Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, etc. this would not only increase your connection with your customers and potential clients but will be a good way to showcase your work to the world. For this, you necessarily wouldn’t have to wait for the audience to check out their social networks and happen to hop on you. You can include all the networks on your own app and get them to follow you there. This will also help them to reach you from any of the platforms they want to. Being more social in this case can also get you referrals from the audience and hence promote you everywhere.


Other than the networks mentioned above, you can even try out tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. which would get you an edge in front of the business industry specifically. These apps are business oriented and would prove to be a good platform to get some encouragement.


Events and open houses can do the rest:  

You sell the property on the basis of the aesthetics you present to your customers. Presenting the properties at their best on the photos is one thing but letting your customers actually come there and look at it as if an exhibition is sure to give you some extra credits. This way, the clients can have a better look at the property and you can show off all the best things at one that too to so many people. Open houses and events would give an impression of grandeur to the audience and that might make them more interested in it.


The best way to go about it would be to schedule all the potential event dates on the app’s calendar and invite the audience to the events. The more the public the better it would be. Make sure to promote the event as much as you can. In this, social network and business contacts could come as handy. Such events would not cost you much and will always result in profit one way or the other. Make the event an interesting and a successful one and then let the customers decide whether they want to give it a go or not. The other thing that would come as an advantage to you in open houses and events is that there would be a lot of people who could be interested in the property. This would develop a sense of competition among the people who showed up, which would, in turn, encourage them to make a more generous offer and get you a good profit.


To improve the promotional activities, you can also make your app send notifications for your event to all the customers you have shown an interest in it. You would need the collaboration of your calendar for it to work fine.



Apart from sending notifications in particular events, you can notify your customers for any new property you have just got your hands on. Real Estate App Maker would help you do that. Usually, mobile apps have the ability to notify some upcoming activities but mobile sites don’t. But you can do that with some plug-ins and many other tools that you can easily find online. You can also make groups of all the customers you have to which you could send the notifications and get them to come to your events.


When creating such groups, you can manage them categorically with the names like listings that work in the neighborhood, listings that are according to some price ranges that are accepted by a particular group.


While keeping all of this in mind, you can get the Real Estate App Maker to make you a beautiful and appealing app that could get you a good amount of clients and up your profits within a blink of an eye.


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