The logo is so important to a company that, in today’s world there is even an app to create a logo. So let’s talk here in the article all about app and logo.


How important is the app to create a logo?

The logo-creating app makes it easy for the day-to-day entrepreneur who does not understand graphic design. Because it is a properly intuitive tool, that is, the person himself makes the command, it becomes practical to create a logo for any type of company.

All sectors of the economy use logo as one of the forms of visual identity. Here are some examples of sectors of the economy that make use of the logo.

  1. Agriculture;
  2. Textile;
  3. Education;
  4. Services;
  5. Industry;
  6. Beauty;
  7. Medicine;

A logo is a form of recognition of a company for a client. Therefore, it is essential that a company has a logo mainly in its main media, such as social networks.

If you create a different and bold logo, you will surely be in front of your competition. We remind you that it is necessary to create a meaning for your logo, so it is good to use and abuse creativity.

The logo design app helps people who have not taken any kind of graphic design or visual identity course.

But it is important that they try to have knowledge at least about color theory because this theory helps us to have good sense in choosing the color of our logo.

Is there a difference between logo and logo?

For those who work with marketing, there is confusion about logo and logo concepts.

Although the concepts are very similar, there is a slight distinction between them.

Although its meaning is written in the dictionary, the logo is only a neologism, which for many, does not present any sense.

The crucial point that distinguishes logo and logo, is in the fact that the logo is the standard written mode of a brand since the logo is the union of the logo “name” which also has a symbol that shows the characteristics of a certain company.


Tips for creating an efficient logo.

If you intend to develop an Identity Manual that represents your company, you should start by creating the logo. With this, the customer will immediately make a visual connection with your company, all this, only through the logo.

The mission, vision, and values of a company must be shown within the logo, and because of this, the moment you develop a logo, think about your target audience and what your company does. See more useful tips that you can apply at the time the logo is created.

1 – Before creating a logo, search.
Even if you have a structured idea, research is still an important step in this process. When creating your logo, collect as much information as possible so that the result can be effective.

Try to find out how the size of your work is, how your target audience behaves, and so on.

With this, you can better reflect on how your logo can bring good results. When creating the logo, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that the logo will represent the profile of your company.

2 – Choose an appropriate color.
When doing a search on your work and your target audience, see how the colors of the logos of your competition are, and with that, look for them as a reference.

We remember that colors have psychological meanings and effects that make the person feel good or bad, depending on their state of mind at that moment.

If you decide to make use of brighter colors, you should be very careful in choosing. After all, they work only to interrupt the harmony of the composition.

Decreasing the color palette can help create a greater connection between customers and businesses because in design less is more.

3 – Know what your essential characteristics will be.
By choosing a simple design, the customer will surely remember the company more easily. However, the simple is not always easy.

It is not only the colors that should draw attention, but the number of elements that help make up the logo in excess can also cause visual pollution.

Decide in which formats you will publish your logo, never choose all formats, always think about your target audience.

So that there are no exaggerations, try to blend colors and timeless shapes, to be appropriate at all times of the year and not just a specific date.

How to choose a typography?

Reserve the moment of choice of typography last, this step is complex and requires caution. Changing a source, according to experts already means a change in the point of view with respect to the brand.

The designer should ensure readability, especially if this is to put the logo on some print media, such as pamphlets.

Fonts like the serif bring modernity to the logo. But, you have to be careful, as the choice of a source may harm the company’s image.

If you can, it is best to develop your own fonts, as these will give an original meaning to the logo, and you can use them whenever you want.

Do not forget to analyze the competition.

Never forget to check out how the competition develops your logos. By knowing how the competition presents itself, we can have a better preparation and thus give a differential touch to our competitors.

We must always respect the trends of the moment, if we want to show that we are updated, we need to know what these trends are, and apply them in our day to day.


The logo should show your personality.

We always hear this on design blogs. The image must be associated with the profile of your audience, ie you should know if the audience is classic or modern, for example.

Certain attributes help the audience identify with your logo. According to the target audience, passing credibility is critical, and it all starts with the creation of the logo.


What are the best apps to create a logo?

When deciding to use an app to create a logo, we should know that this is an important part of any company’s visual identity. Because of this, the company has strong prominence through its competitors, so it must be well done.

There are cases where companies ask for professional help, so not all of them have enough resources to create a logo.

Because of this, we will show other alternatives so that you can have a logo, see below the best app to create a logo.

1 – Logaster.
If you want to have an application that is easy to use and affordable, Logaster is right for you.

Here logos are created in an easy way, so doing them does not have to be a professional design.

There are also other visual identity items that Logaster can create, see below: “business cards, envelopes and other basic stationery materials that help business communication.”

2 – Power Draw.

With Power Draw we can also build a logo. Its functions are very similar to Corel Draw, if you have ever made use of Corel Draw, this tool may be useful for you.

This software is free and has many features that make it easy to create logos. For those who work hard, and do not have the time to learn how to tweak the tool, Power Draw can be a good solution.

3 – Logo Scopic Studio.
With this tool, the user can create visual identity materials only with the help of the mobile phone. Currently, we have several types of apps like this, all thanks to smartphones.

We also find many template and color options that give us even more inspiration to create a good logo.

4 – Makr.

With this application, we developed important advertising materials that companies use to launch a product or make promotions.

The Makr allows, with just a few clicks, the logo is ready. It also guarantees us, the creation of basic stationery, and invitations to events, essential items for the day to day marketing of a company.

What care should we take when creating a logo?

To create a logo, common sense is the key to success. We must be very careful when we mix the necessary elements.

After all, with the logo, the customer is able to immediately recognize your brand, for this, being judgmental is critical. Study well the elements that are used in creating the logo, and just use the fundamental one.

Check out some important care before you start developing a logo.

1 – Seek to understand your market.
To build a logo, having knowledge of your market is just the beginning. Try to understand everything that covers your company, see the main items:

  • potential audience;
  • what is the culture of your company;
  • how competition behaves;
  • Understand how people see your brand.

With this, the logo will refer directly to the daily life of people, whenever they need your product or service, they will remember your logo, and will have it as a reference.

The logo can represent a differential compared to the competition, so all care is little at the time of its creation.

2 – Remember “Less is more”
For a logo to be efficient it should be as simple as possible. Whatever is extravagant and confusing should be avoided.

Do not forget that the logo should be reproduced for various types of locations and sizes, see some of these channels:

  • newspapers;
  • billboards;
  • stickers;

We know that elements and colors, if not chosen correctly, can jeopardize the final reproduction. Being simple in many cases does not mean that your logo will be solid.

3 – Know what meaning the colors have.
Every designer knows that the impact is brought about by the choice of color. Even because, we know that colors have their own meanings. The colors have the power to amaze or attract your audience every time.

Here’s a practical example of the meaning of colors:

red means passion, vigor, love, danger, etc.
Companies that have this type of profile, can use this color, and still merge with other colors, provided there is good sense.

black, gold and silver, help you get a premium company image.
Undoubtedly, colors can bring harmony to the environment as long as they are combined with each other, and are in agreement with the target audience.

4 – Be creative.
Fashion is fleeting, avoid being too fashionable. For this, look for inspirations and do your own work.

Choosing logos that are timeless can be the way to success, see successful cases and try to build on how they have created your logos.

Creativity starts from inspiration, if we have inspiration we will certainly do something similar or even better.


Want to create an app for a logo? Learn how to follow.

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Do not forget the three-click rule, for any application this rule is classic, this helps to not irritate your client, and he feels safe and satisfied.


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