In the age where social networks are booming, more people share recordings. And with that, there’s even more search for apps to edit videos.

However, many smartphones already come with basic options for video editing, such as clippings and filter availability. The social networks themselves offer this to the user.

But in your case, do you want something professional? So understanding that you want something more complete – and there are good options for that.

Continue reading the article and learn good ways and apps to edit videos online.

Apps to edit videos or edit videos online?

You may well be satisfied with online video editing, with ideal sites so you do not have much knowledge in video editing.

In addition, it may not be very feasible to download an application, for its size or value to be paid, and even require prior knowledge.

However, apps to edit videos are not elements that only a Spielberg would use, it also has its advantages. And, mainly, it can be essential for professional uses such as marketing strategy.

It is also more practical because it is closer to the user’s use. Even with the fact that editing is possible right after the video is recorded.

But in case you do not want to run out of options, there are 3 good ones to edit videos online:


Tailor-made for anyone who wants to create their own TV Show and present videos without proper equipment. Try offering ready-made templates that help you create screen backgrounds, where you can edit your recording.


Featuring intuitive interface, it is perfect for anyone looking for a stylized video, using ready-made themes and famous music tracks. The editing process is carried out by the site itself, which then notifies you by email when ready.


The most popular of the three – and the use of perhaps easier. It is perfect for managing the files, with an administrative area where the user can manage the files. After editing, you can download and share!


5 apps to edit videos in the Play Store

The part you’ve been looking forward to in this article, know some good apps to edit videos. Each one has its own particularity, not necessarily one being better than another, perhaps more complete.

They are most recommended for those looking for a more professional edition – and also closer to the palm of the hand. No one wants to waste time on professional editing on PC, but an agile edition for the moment.

Get to know the 5 most recommended app now.


One of the most complete and diverse options, which may require a greater knowledge of editing. From original audio volume mixer and soundtrack to transition between scenes and filters, it’s an excellent app.

However, it puts the app’s vignette in the end, but it may quit.


One that compares with FilmoraGo (at least a little) and that has the advantage of not having a vignette or watermark in the video. You can cut or change the playback speed.

You can put emoji in half or even resize the screen ratio. However, it really is not as complete as FilmoraGo.

Video show

One of the most complete and one of the most popular in the market. Allows simpler edits (cropping, inserting photos and audios), as well as more complex touches (addition of format conversion and compression of size).

It has the advantage of having predefined themes that give that help in editing, if you need something fast or just have not beaten creativity. Another plus is that it is free.

But if you are looking for something else, you have advanced features that require fee payment.


User-friendly app available for Android and a good choice for video recording and editing.

It has a focus on fun features, allowing, for example, recording videos using funny and interesting filters and effects.

And in the edition, it has video and photo montages, and you can add stickers and animations, as well as make adjustments like inserting music. All this in a free app (but still with watermark).


Maybe one of the apps to edit videos with more salty price. But it does count with: soundtrack mp3, subtitles, effects, besides voiceover, among other things.

It is a popular option on the market and available for Android, as well as being a very efficient application in its editing proposal.

That’s why apps to edit videos are sought after for those who are looking for a more professional and agile editing at the same time. Over time, it has a chance to become the main editing niche.