Through Admob, Android developers can make more money. By knowing all about Admob, you can filter which ads are the most profitable.

Learn more about Admob.

To set up Admob, we must follow three steps, here are the following steps:

1 – Reserve space for ads in your app.

If you want to reserve space, you must first create ad units in Admob. Next, you must choose where the ad will appear in, and then embed into the application code.

2 – Within the platform only ads that perform well will be displayed.

Through its own network, the platform can filter the ads that are performing best.

3 – Receipt of payments.

When you manage to pay well, Admob deposits the profits directly into the registered account.

Please keep in mind that in order to avoid problems with receiving, you must comply with Admob’s payment policy.


Understand the concept of Admob.

This is a platform, whose access is free, with this platform we are able to make money only by displaying the ads that have been targeted.

In addition to being able to filter which ads will appear, we can customize the ads to match the look of our app.

Is there a need to choose the ads?

While ads are targeted, you do not need to choose ads so they can appear in your app. To control what will appear in the app, we have a chance to block what we do not want to appear.

Filtering what we show in the application is key to not polluting the user’s view.

How does in-app ad delivery work?

The platform selects the ads you want to view, coming from different devices. Commonly, we see that ads with good performance gain good visibility.

We can decide on the categories we want to advertise, and still block what we no longer want to appear in the app.

How do we see in-app ads?

Only when you’re ready will you be able to see your ad in the app. You can not click on your own ad, as determined by Google itself.

In order for you not to be punished and still make mistakes, know the AdSense program better, by knowing these measures, you avoid a possible cancellation of your account.


What types of ad units can the platform create?

When we create ad units, we see how the ads will appear to users. Ad formats must match the type of ad the block will display.

Here are the most common types of ads we can create for apps:

  • Banner

It is a simple model, which appears at the top and bottom of any device.

  • Interstitial

Even though they appear on the whole page, their display happens at short intervals and transitions. It’s similar to video content.

  • Award-winning video.

It’s a reward for users watching shorter videos, it’s right for those who want to monetize content that’s free.

  • Native

This type of ad matches directly with the device, because it can be customized to show the user.

Ad units are an efficient way to organize your ads within the app, whenever you need them.


What types of ads are most seen in app?

After choosing the ad units, we must decide what format these ads will have. The formats that are most seen on the platform are:

  • Rich / text / image ads: These are the famous text, image, HTML5 / rich media ads.

For this type of ad, we can only use text, or merge between static graphics, animated graphics (GIF) or rich media, if you want to create some interactive ad.

  • Video ads: here we can use text and audio. If you use banner, you will notice that these ads will always start without sound.

There is also the possibility to disable the sound if the user does not like to hear the sound of the ads.

Block creation is the essential step, so we can choose the right ad type for our app.

Caring for the ad’s look is one way to make it profitable.

Nowadays, we find many useful tips on the internet that help us create more profitable and useful ads for the user. If we know how to understand their creation base, it is much easier to understand the concepts of creation. Developing a good ad should begin with simpler concepts.


Learn how the profit sharing policy works.

In order not to have problems with payment and platform participation, publishers must comply with Google Adsense policies. If you do not agree to Google’s rules, Google has the right to disable your account.

If you do not want your account to be disabled, you may receive help from Google to answer your questions.

Do not forget that if your ad has any evidence of a violation, Google may be unable to view it.

Google has the right to unlink pages that do not comply with your policy, you may also not be able to make payments, and you may request termination of your account as mentioned.

The Google Adsense Terms and Conditions may be modified whenever Google deems convenient. If you do not wish to have the risk of having your account canceled, always make an appointment to see if there is any change in the term.

Following these types of terms helps us keep ads always on the go, and with a meaningful audience. Be careful with standards is key, to stay alive on platforms these days.

In everything that involves the web there are rules, either in social networks, or in certain types of systems. We as users have a duty to read these terms and abide by them.

This helps inhibit people who have inappropriate behaviors, such as racists, and people who somehow help spread hate on the internet.

Advantages of using Admob.

Because it is easy to use, this ad tool has been gaining ground in the mobile marketing world. If you have any questions regarding its efficiency, here are some important advantages:

1 – Allows you to customize and control the ad.

We can change the appearance of your ads whenever you need them, and so target so that it only appears to the target audience.

2 – Support is accessible.

The support site offers most commonly used practice tips within the tool. There is a help center where users can manage and set up their account.

3 – You have access to Google ads.

Inside the tool, you see ads from other competitors so you can see how to make your ad more relevant.

4 – Track your performance.

Through reports, you can find out where there are opportunities for growth.

5 – Use other features.

We can integrate with Google Analytics for Firebase, which is recommended for those who want to advertise on video, games, and in their apps themselves.

The benefits to anyone using Admob are many, but it is critical that you be careful when writing ads so you do not risk being punished.


Tips for creating an effective ad for the web.

Regardless of which platform you’re using for ad creation, you need to be careful so that it can be readable and understood by your target audience.

The ad must sell a product or idea, so it must be objective and consistent, after all we are in the era of less is more. Here are some tips to make your ad attractive and relevant to your users.

1 – Have a properly targeted audience.

When talking about web advertising, we should always guide people who want to create ads that, to be relevant, the ad needs targeting. For this, it is critical that you know how to separate your audience by “specific places, ages, interests and behaviors.”

2 – Never forget segmentation.

Whether it’s Facebook or Google itself, the ad should always be targeted to those who care about it. A good suggestion is to take advantage of our list of leads, and send the advertisement to key stakeholders.

3 – Beware of the image and the message.

We know that currently images and videos have caught the attention of many users on the web. But, it’s not just those images and videos that will influence your customer’s buying decision.

To convince you better, you need the use of mental triggers, and still call-to-action that is similar to your image or video. If you do not take these care, the client will not understand the message you want to pass.

4 – Keep the ad always current.

Campaigns have expiration dates, as do older ads. If you see that the likes index is dropping, the best way to avoid a possible rejection is to create another ad.

5 – Perform tests always.

The test results give us a broad view of what needs to be improved, wherever possible use the A / B test and see what needs to be improved.

It does not matter if you are using an ad creation platform or not, the rule is the same, because the one who determines is the web itself. If we do not obey these rules, we may suffer some kind of penalty.

Beware of appealing messages.
When developing ads for apps, beware of catchy ads. The web rejects any type of advertisement that is offensive, or that affects any particular ethnicity that helped to form the Brazilian people.

Caution in writing is also taken into account by search engines, we must be careful not to use slang, gerundism, especially if the public is a little shorter.

On the web, consistency in texts is guaranteed that the user will not abandon his text in half. With ads is no different, we must remember that to attract the attention of the user, we must merge text and graphic features like videos and good quality images.

Create apps with DAT APP
Now that we’ve talked all about creating ads for apps, you must surely have been curious about the process of creating applications.

Nowadays, due to cloud computing, we can create applications without the need to use any programming language.

With systems like DAT APP, we are able to create a perfect app with the most important integrations to ensure that its operation is perfect. Among the main features available in the platform, we can highlight:

  • Creation of image galleries;
  • Connect internet wi-fi;
  • Integrate key social networks;
  • Inclusion of banners;

These are some of the features available within the platform for you to create an app that works 24/7. We have a support channel, available to clarify your doubts if any.

There is the possibility of performing a temporary test, for those who do not yet know this type of platform to develop applications.


Want to know more about Admob and creating apps? Contact!

Admob is related to app building, since to advertise in app we must first create one. If you’ve never used any platform that allows you to develop app without programming, it’s time to try the DAT APP.

This tool is totally independent of programming, that is, the developer does not need to know any language to use it. The platform contains features necessary for multimedia, integration with social networks and still access to the internet.

All this makes the developer’s daily life simpler and more practical. The developer should only focus on the organization of the layout, and the purpose for which the application will be developed.

Never forget to do a requirements survey so that your application can actually meet a specific need. Making a comparison with the competition, helps us get a sense of how the application will work in practice, but that alone is not enough.

We must always pay attention to the opinions that users give us regarding the quality of the application. Only through these opinions can we develop improvements for our app.