Do you know how much an app costs? This is a worthwhile investment. It is only necessary that you know that there are several types of applications, looking for the one that best suits your needs.

In the US, the application market has been growing steadily. After all, today, everyone is always connected. To order a pizza, you use an app. To order a taxi, too. The same goes for buying a product or purchasing a service.

Thus, this market becomes very profitable, since your company creates a greater engagement with its customers. And it is best that you choose between different types of applications.

In this article, you will know how much an application costs, why it is worth investing in this technology and how to create an application. Check out!

How much does an application cost? Is it worth this investment?

There are several types of technologies and apps for you to invest in an application. Because of this, you can not tell precisely how much application costs, as this will depend on several factors.

But we can guarantee that the investment is worth it. After all, it is a very popular technology that is part of everyday life. Just think about it: how many apps do you have installed on your phone?

In the same way that you have several, your client also has. And the expectation is that the use of applications is increasingly intensified.

Applications are great technologies for your company to communicate with customers. And contrary to what many people think, it brings excellent returns to the business.

Also, with smartphones, people no longer use the computer to solve their problems. Everything becomes much more practical and easy to be solved through the cell phone.

These changes are due to the technological advancement with respect to the handsets and the applications that are made available to them. That’s why investing in an app is worth it.

Different types of applications and technologies

In order for us to know how much an application costs, we need to look at a few factors. It is through them that we will know the cost of the app. Let’s look at some of these factors.

  • What platforms will be used for the application?

You need to know which platforms your app will be made available to. Will it run on Android, iOS and etc? The more platforms he has, the more expensive he becomes.

  • Your app’s interface

Will your application have a default interface, one already created that will be reused or will it be customized for your company? If it is customized, the value of the application will be higher.

  • Login

Will your app login? If so, will it only be by email or also by social networks? If you choose to use social networks, the cost will be higher.

  • Will your app have e-commerce?

If so, know that this is another detail that will add value. An application made with this functionality becomes more difficult to do, requiring greater security. After all, sensitive information will be stored in it.

  • Will your customers interact with the app?

Can your customers comment on the application, for example? If you want to create a larger interaction, the cost will also be increased.

Other factors also contribute to making the application more expensive, for example, if the application interacts with your website, the value increases. If you have more than one language available, too.


Splitting Applications

Currently, applications fall into two types: those that are meant to generate income and those that are used for marketing the company.

The question that your business needs to address is which of the two options is best for meeting the needs of your business. However, it is worth mentioning that the ideal is to use both types.

Thus, the return to the entrepreneur will be greater. This is because it will sell your product or service and will even develop marketing actions for your business.

How to create an App?

There are different tools for you to create an application today. One of them is the DAT App.

With DAT App you can have an application without making any investment. So if you enjoy it and see it’s worth it, you can hire one of the monthly packages.

DAT App is a tool that provides apps for different platforms, such as Android and iOS. In addition, it is a platform that provides more than one language for your application, having several features, such as:

  • User management
  • App Dashboard
  • Push notifications
  • M-commerce
  • In-app messages
  • Chat features
  • Loyalty card
  • Smart ads
  • Among other advantages

All the features you need for an app are in the DAT App. Click here to know more.

Now you know how much an app costs and how to create one. See you!

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