Only in 2017 did apps reach around $ 151 billion dollars. For those who are technology students and do not know where to start, here’s how to create an application here.


Understand once and for all how to create an application.

We know that Apple in its App Store already has more than 2 million applications available. Therefore, to be successful in this market so busy is essential to have planned when developing an application.

1 – See if there is a demand that needs a solution.

To start creating an application to solve a possible problem is necessary to understand a concept known as brainstorming, this concept consists of carrying out a survey with society, to find a certain solution.

2 – Know what features your application will have.

When you know how to create an application, you should consider what possible features it will have. To do this, we must take into account the following situations:

  • define in which operating system the application should work, for example, whether it will work on IOS or Android;
  • what will be its structure so that the user can navigate quietly;
  • develop a layout based on your target audience;
  • do not forget the 3-click rule, that is, each action that the user performs within the application should take 3 clicks at most.

The application should have as other characteristics, be fast, dynamic, and still convey a good experience for the user.

3 – Learn to detect MVP.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, here MVP only focuses on the features that matter most to the user, in order to make your life as practical as possible.

We remind you that an application that is 100% complete, you will not use everything, so it is fundamental to focus only on what it will use.

Create an application with a good data structure.
Even if you do not programmatically use your application, it must have a good data structure. For your business to be well-detailed, look for tables and diagrams as follows:

  • Entities and relationships;
  • Data flow;
  • Binary file storage;
  • Images;
  • Videos.

The data structure gives us a broad view, so we’ve already got a good sense of how the application will stay in place.

Be careful with the interface design.

The application interface is related to the company brand, the wireframe should show the interface that this application will have in the user’s view. The idea of how to create an application should be based on the following items:

  1. Creation of screens;
  2. Layout;
  3. Navigation flow.

Take good care of the interface of your application, after all, it will be through it that the user will have a good impression of your company.


What tools should we integrate?

We should not only be careful with the application interface and the data structure but rather, we must integrate the following tools:

  1. Access analysis;
  2. Management of errors;
  3. Online database;

These tools are perfect to help us understand user behavior and to see what tools are really important.


Is it necessary to create applications to create applications?

Nowadays, thanks to the cloud there is no more need to understand programming to create an application that is useful to society.

Therefore, it is paramount to have a UI / UX concept to present a good design to the user and ensure that the user can have a good experience. There are already many platforms that allow us to create applications online, but it is recommended to have a good sense of programming logic, and languages for the web like HTML and CSS.

Just when you will use some programming language to create applications for IOS, it is recommended to have an Apple computer for testing.

Main errors when creating an application.
Since not everything in life is perfect, the world of applications can also lead to bankruptcy if you do not have the necessary care to avoid the following errors that we will see below:

1 – Do not evaluate platforms correctly.

In the apps markets there are two platforms that we usually use to IOS and Android. When we create an app, we must know what advantages it will present for each platform.

By checking out the flaws and qualities that each platform has, we avoid many mistakes in the future.

2 – Invest in marketing when selling the application.

To improve the visibility of your app and still make it profitable, you need to get good publicity on your site or social networks.

Invite people to try out your app, as well as having a good list of leads, you’ll still make it easier to spread your app.

3 – Watch out for free platforms.

As there are many platforms on the market, there may be some that are free. Therefore, they do not provide all the features that are useful for creating an application.

Having limited options can end up harming you, and you can not deliver quality service to your user.

After the origin of the smartphone, the way to make money and work has changed. We must keep up to date, to remain firm in the labor market and in the world of entrepreneurship.

There are certain errors in technology that can be harmful to a company, so whenever you create something, plan it, do lots of testing so that you are able to deliver a good product or service to your customer.

Testing is extremely important whenever we launch a product. Well, with it we know what the application will look like after its completion.

We tested its functionalities, to check if an error message will appear, and if necessary, make some adjustments. The test frees us from potential issues with user actions, so ignoring this step can be fatal to your business.

One of the ways to test an application is to show the user in practice how this will work.

So the user is already realizing that his application may be useful to solve a possible problem that he may have, and will probably use the application to solve the possible problem.


Beware of your budget.

Budgeting is essential for ROI calculation and thus knowing if you will have the return you need with your application. By having a budget that requires high investment, experts recommend that application developers have already set their budget.

For this, it is essential that the developer knows if the application will be too complex or not, because the more functions you have, the higher the deployment and maintenance costs.

There are still costs for publishing and maintenance, as this is the guarantee that the application will be working. Because of this, the developer must make good financial planning so that he does not get in the way.

In any circumstance of life, and especially in technology, we must always carry out financial planning. This helps us to be sure how much we are going to spend, and where more investment is needed.

With planning, the chances of errors are smaller, and even if you need to, you can make adjustments in the process of creating and publishing the application.

Never forget planning, it is the key to the success of your business, the lack of it causes many companies to go into bankruptcy.


Tips to make your application faster.

Over time, it is common for applications to slow down, either by the high number of applications on the phone or by not always cleaning the memory of the phone.

One of the ways to make the application faster is to install programs that help clean your smartphone, you can make use of for example the Booster, which is free.

Applications require updating if you do not upgrade applications your smartphone may crash. If the system requests updating, do so.


What are the reasons why users abandon applications?

We know that understanding how to build an app can give us a job for a long time. But it is necessary to know that an application will lose users over time.

So says Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen, this has confirmed in an article on his site that an application has a deficit of 77% of users in the first months it was installed. See what are the factors that drive users to give up the app.

1 – Problems with regard to the technical part.
An application that presents many errors, failures of response constantly, can fall by the forgetfulness of the user.

It’s never too important to remember that testing with Beta users is important to ensure the application works.

2 – Inadequate interface.
The user uses the application because it needs practicality, and in case he does not find it, it will certainly delete his application.

By using UI and UX, the developer has a broad view of how the application will look from the user’s point of view. While UX, you have a better perception of the problem that the user faces and can solve faster.

3 – Do not put enough content.
The content helps the user find the application, so remember that content should educate the user and not simply direct to the application. If your content is educational, your customers are likely to use your app again.

4 – Send notifications without need.
Exaggerating unimportant notifications can leave users well irritated. To avoid this kind of behavior, create a frequency to be able to send notifications, so your business will not have a negative image.

Try to rely on the campaigns and products you sell to know when you can send notifications.

5 – Do not provide adequate safety.
When the user needs to perform some banking transaction or something that involves banking and personal data, he wants the app to be secure.

We as developers have a duty to pass this trust on to the user, and with that, to show him that our application is safe and that it follows the current security standards.


How to create an App with DAT APP?

One of the paid platforms to create an app is the DAT APP. Even if you do not understand programming, you can use this intuitive and easy-to-handle tool.

When deciding to research how to create applications, you must have been confused by so many options. So, let’s talk a little bit about the DAT APP, with this platform we can integrate important functions for our clients like for example:

  1. Google Maps;
  2. Image gallery;
  3. Google Agenda;

With the DAT APP, we are able to create and publish texts and images in a totally intuitive way and what is better, without programming, this platform supports the Android and IOS operating systems.

Apps help make it easier to serve many industries, including e-commerce, events, and technical support.

One way to interact with customers is to ask them to sign up to try out your app and still earn a discount coupon. But, it is important that you follow the instructions of inbound marketing and never do anything obliging the customer, be it natural.


Learn more about creating an app! Free trial!

You can test our platform and know how it works in practice.

Do not forget that for an application to be known it must be disclosed so that the client realizes that this application can help to solve the possible pain that it may have.

Before you start building an app, try to understand what your audience is like, so that your application’s functionality meets customer expectations.

Keep the app always up to date once it’s done. So, it helps to avoid possible error messages and failures in response time.

An app should also present content that is educational, and that attracts the customer’s attention. Be consistent in creating content, make content that is similar to the theme of the application you are creating, invest in application marketing, and do not be afraid to risk.