Publishing an app has already become a profession for many people. So it’s important for app developers to know that there are rules for publishing in every store, learn more below.


Learn more about how to publish an app

Developing an application can bring in good money, but publishing it is what can actually make it profitable. It is essential to follow the publication steps that the stores guide, so as not to run the risk of being barred.

At the time of your registration, whether at the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and WindowsStore, read the disclosure policy that each store has. In addition to being careful about the design of the app, the developer should be careful to have good content, and ensure that your app will have due prominence.

Here are some useful tips for your app to be featured in app stores:

1 – Repetition of keywords
In your app description, you must enter the keyword several times. Stores such as the Google Store allow users to search applications by description.

2 – Beware of the app design
Informational and logos should get the attention of your audience, but we must be cautious, so that the appearance does not get too flashy.

3 – Get testimonials and recommendations
A good way to stand out from the competition is to partner with bloggers who are in the same niche as yours. With these partnerships, we can ask that bloggers be able to test the app and make a fair assessment.

Applications that meet consumer need often receive good ratings. Before creating an app, it’s important that we survey requirements to see what the audience is most in need of at the moment.

To publish an app, you can use the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and WindowsStore.


How to properly promote an app?

It is not enough just to know how the main stores of marketing of apps work, it is necessary to divulge. And to disclose correctly, we must follow the following rules:

1 – Use social networks
After publishing an app in one of the stores already mentioned here in the article, we need to propagate this article, for this, social networks are great allies of the developers of apps.

A good suggestion is to create a profile for your app, and make a reward dynamic for those users who are sharing more.

2 – Every app should have a website
Usually, landing pages are used for the dissemination of the apps, so in the website the developer can show in detail what are the features of the app.

3 – Create promotions for the launch
For this, offering discounts is an attitude always well seen by all Brazilians, but also by some countries around the world. You can offer a good discount, for those who access your application for six months, for example.

Before you publish an app in famous stores, you should create a marketing strategy that is consistent and effective.


How do I publish an app to the Google Play Store?

Regardless of which platform you used to develop the app, you must enable .apk, so others can download your app.

At first, you need to create a user on the Google Play Developer Console site. We must respect three steps, so that this registration is possible, see below:

  1. First log in to one of your Google accounts;
  2. Accept the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement;
  3. Make a $ 25 payment to get access to the platform.

After that, we visit the Developer Console, and we can make the initial settings, such as adding a new app, and choosing a language.

Currently, within Google Play we find two ways to publish the app, see:

  1. Uploading .apk;
  2. Click Prepare playlist from the Play Store.

Once you’ve chosen the mode you’d like to publish the app to, just click on “publish app” because if you do not click this button, your app will be just a draft.

Google’s app-preparation mode requires that a package be created to recognize .apk. After preparation, .apk needs to be generated so that it is considered authentic.

Before generating .apk, you first need to create the digital certificate, using a key called .keystore. Once we create the digital certificate, we must access Android Studio, in order to finally be able to generate the .apk.

It is important not to forget the details of the application, for this, we must put a title, a brief description, and a complete description.

Finally, it is necessary to define the category, the type of the application, the indicative classification, privacy policy, we must also define what the price will be and how the application will be distributed.


Publish an app to the Apple Store

At Apple, before you know the rules, it is crucial that you know that there are certain values ​​that are taken into account, at the time of publication, see some of these values:

  1. Intellectual property;
  2. Image quality and design;
  3. Copyright and features;

In order for you not to be barred at Apple, it is important that you know that these days, we find two types of account, Individual and Legal. Here are the rules for creating these accounts for publication:

  • Physical person

Have a good design, in platforms like DAT APP, even without understanding programming, you can create an interesting and intuitive design.

Apple is very strict about quality, so before you publish your app, see if the quality of your images is good and the content is really relevant. To publish your content, create a developer account.

  • Legal person

If you own a development company or an agency, you must first have a developer account, just like the one of the individual.

In the case of companies, specifically, a DUNS NUMBER is generated, this is an identification for international trade transactions.

Make the registration of your ID, whose submission will be confirmed by email. After verification, visit the Apple Developer website to create a Developer ID.

For company account, you need to confirm that you are responsible for the company, and still accept the terms of the agreement. Read the agreement very carefully, to take the necessary care with the information that Apple provides.

If you need to make payments within Apple, you will need an international credit card. When you make a purchase, fill in all the necessary fields correctly, so that the purchase is approved.


Learn how to publish an app in Windows Store

The Windows Store is a well-known store to market app, but like other competitors, it also has rules. After you sign up for an account, you can publish apps and games.

You can be an Insider Participant of the Development Center and still receive commissions as a Microsoft affiliate. Here are some important steps to get apps to sell in this store:

1 – Login
After creating your account, access the dashboard. Click the Submit Application button on the left.

2 – Name your application
Choose a name for the application and see if there is any availability. After all, the name should be unique and reserved.

3 – Provide the main details
In order for your application to be sold, you must provide some necessary information. One such information is the amount the customer will pay for the application.

4 – Choose if you want to publish immediately or wait
Once you fill out the options for sale, you need to decide whether to publish immediately or whether to schedule a launch.

5 – If applicable, determine hardware and software requirements
So that there are no issues with technical issues in the future, please state the minimum hardware and software requirements for the application to work properly.

You can also define the number of users who can use your application, and make sure that it is able to accommodate people with special needs, such as the visually impaired.


Beware of the app marketing

If you are a developer, and want to use one of the stores presented here in the article, and have not yet decided how you will advertise, you should use mobile marketing.

This is nothing more than a planning that will attract people to your application, but remember, for this to be possible, you should make your app generate value for your client.

Here are some reasons why you should use the app marketing correctly.

  • The user has high expectations of using the application

Marketing has always been important in spreading a product. And in the present day could not be different since the competition is greater.

In order for you to be able to reach many people, you need to review whether the app has enough content to be relevant.

We remind you that for the app marketing to bring good results, and thereby make the user have good expectations after the launch, we must use all the features that marketing provides us.

  • Even after the launch there is an interest in continuing to use

With the app marketing, we can keep the users’ interest alive through the app, especially if the content is captivating and educates users.

In the world of apps, it’s critical that developers know that, not because someone downloaded your app, it will continue to use for the rest of their lives.

The user should feel satisfied with the app’s features so that he feels it’s worth having downloaded the app.

  • The app puts you in front of the competition

A well-structured and elaborate app makes any developer gain prominence through its competitors.

Choosing the simplest details, such as banner space, for example, can be a differential for the app to be considered different from the others.

  • Helps hold users

In order for marketing to be considered good and bring good fruit to those who need it, there are a number of factors that must be considered.

The moment you carry out a marketing plan, an item can not miss the content. Users become active when they realize that certain content can be useful to them.


To publish an app, you need to know how to create an App

With platforms like the DAT APP, we have the ability to create intelligent applications that really solve the users’ lives. We have resources available to create content in text, video and in image format.

Within the DAT APP, we can perform important integrations to optimize the day to day use of the users. One of these integrations is related to social networks.

If you own a blog, for example, and want to launch an app within your own app, you can create text to launch this app, and publish to a Fan Page, for example.

With the features available in the app, we can create great strategies for application propagation.

Get to know the process of how to publish an app! Contact!
Publishing an app can be very profitable, but for this you need to create one. Therefore, you should know better the DAT APP platform, with it we can create modern and attractive looking apps.

In applications everything counts, it is not enough just to have a good design if there is content suitable for your niche acting. If you want to succeed in app marketing, there needs to be a union of design and content.

Even if you have a good store to promote, an excellent platform for creating your apps like DAT APP, marketing is also useful for you to get your apps out to more people.

If you’re curious about how this process works in practice, be sure to click the button to try the tool, and see how easy it is to use it.

The process for creating the application begins with the requirements survey, and only ends when it is already well known by the public, and has undergone many updates.

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