Technology exists to make life easier for people and apps emerge as the main exponent of this.

And a profitable exponent: it is a market that moves more than 1,5 billion dollars only in Brazil, on average. The public yearns for more agile and practical features!

And that need can be met by a mobile app – and you can profit a lot from that.

Continue reading the article and see how these creative ideas came to light.


Why do Apps exist?

As in any market, there is always some demand from the public, as there is always some problem to be solved.

And then this need is created for agile and simple solutions to be achieved. Practically, solutions that are in the palm of your hand.

So applications exist, to heal demands from the public, and companies profit on that. In this situation, knowing the pains of the public is an essential part of creating a mobile app.

See how Uber came about, creating an on-demand taxi service system. The public was not so satisfied with the traditional model of Taxi and, presumably, a more practical option.

And soon it was time to come up with options for this option, such as Cabify and 99Pop, seeking to meet unmet demand with Uber.


How to make Apps?

Much of the difficulty people have with ideas for applications is that they stop in the middle of the process because they understand that it is necessary to be professional in programming.

But the idea of ​​the application is the basis of the journey and being passionate about it will facilitate its success. It is possible to develop an application without any programming knowledge!

And it begins at two consequent points: what demand will be remedied and, consequently, what its category.

This is a competitive advantage, knowing the problem presented and how to solve it in the best way. And then categorize it: photography? Games? Videos? Sports?

And then you need a template for it, thinking about aspects like:

  • Potential users;
  • Ways to monetize the application;
  • What functions it can have.

And then set a primary goal, what you really want for the application. This is important as it will be your direction to continue the project.

And within that, applications like DAT APP come up to ensure the application is put into practice. Developing native applications on all platforms with new look and powerful features!

So you are able to develop applications with little programming knowledge. A sample of what it is possible to succeed on the web nowadays.

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How to have great ideas + 4 Apps to get inspired

First write down everything, whether on paper or on the computer. It does not need as many details, but describe as much as you can and then, forget it. And always come back later to read and add another look.

This reflects the point that you will not have to face a ready idea. The idea comes from the addition over time, generating a more complete idea.

And then detail her, make your goal clearer. First, you create the core of it, then its coating. In this continuous process, you can build something solid.

Then get inspired and here are 4 creative app ideas for you to get inspired.


PhotoSesh – Niche: Photography

Seeking to meet the demand of photographers of quality and free agenda, PhotoSesh appeared. It is possible to search for photographers with accessible and free values ​​for the activity, as well as other more interesting services.


Dandelin – Niche: Health

An application that connects doctors to patients and, seeking to differentiate itself in the market, does not charge for consultation: the cost of all the consultations is divided among the users of the application.

And to use, just the patient to register, with credit card, and choose the doctor that needs. This taking into account aspects such as location, specialty, availability and symptoms.


Apponte – Niche: Corporate

To go beyond the conventional curriculum, Apponte seeks to bring more into the hiring process. As a “tinder” of the job, it seeks to bring in the ideal contractor for the company.

In addition to allowing the vacant candidate to record video, audios and even upload projects.


iFood – Niche: Food Delivery

A platform that connects consumers with food through affordable and affordable delivery options. Basically, it’s an on-demand food service.

Therefore, more and more applications appear in the market, seeking to meet the various demands that appear. The public yearns for news and applications are the space for innovation.

Did you know that it’s possible to create mobile apps without any programming knowledge? For here in DAT APP there is only one article. See more our other articles!

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