Nowadays, applications are present in almost every part of everyday life. Mobile Apps has reached more to the public, aligning itself to the trends of the segment.

You can see with greater use of social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or in the provision of transportation services, with Uber and 99Pop.

In addition, there are easier ways to develop applications, with platforms for building, such as the DAT APP. But is it a lucrative market for the developer?

To learn more about the mobile app market and if it is profitable, read on!


Mobile application in the application development market in Brazil

The Brazilian can be considered as 1.5% to 2% of the world total of downloads, with 1.5 billion of annual turnover.

However, as use grows, creation has its limitations. Here in Brazil, the market for development is free, where any kid creates an App, but it is difficult to create a “hit”.

Brazilian developers and investors seeking to enter this market must have resilience and capacity to deal with uncertainties. One key is betting on the trend of the development market.

One of the bets is artificial intelligence, as in Bradesco’s Bia, betting on greater interaction with the public. In addition to augmented reality, such as Pokémon GO, and social aid applications, such as My Bus.


The Utilities of an Application in Brazil

Coming back to the subject: how can your application make a difference in someone’s life? Being more direct: what does yours do, what else does not, and will it be your something else?

From this you can take the kind of mobile application that has become popular in the national scenario:

  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (online social connection);
  • Netflix (on-demand services);
  • Uber (transport services);
  • Among others.

And within that, you can take daily specials from an application such as: complementary marketing strategy in online business, extra income, profitable strategy based on everyday needs, among others.

Uber himself emerged from the latter, seeking to serve the market dissatisfied with the traditional taxi service. In addition to bringing the opportunity for extra income to driver.

iFood and Netflix may be different, but they came about for the same reason: to bring together products / services from the same market in a single application, bringing more convenience to the client.

And finally, it is an efficient strategy for a company’s digital performance, because in the mobile market that much of the market is. In addition, it is one of the most used spaces as a search engine.


Costs to Create an App: Is Mobile Application profitable or not?

As said before, it takes resiliency and support to develop a mobile application because it involves many processes and costs can be salty.

The investment can start with 24, 25 thousand and reach 150 thousand, with more complex projects reaching 500 thousand. That’s not counting after-care expenses.

Developer companies often have their own rate of values ​​to develop, but then you need to do a good search.

However, do you want to know how much your application can cost? There is a website that can help with this: how much does it cost?

Even platform influences the account, as developers for iOS, where 25% earns up to more than 5 thousand dollars monthly. On Android, 18% usually earn the same average value. iOS tends to be more balanced.

Another point is freemium applications: free, but with paid services. Tinder bets on this method and its company, Match Group, has a revenue of 285.3 million dollars. It’s an obvious lucrative app bet.


How to create a mobile app + 4 ideas to inspire

The theoretical development begins with the following questions:

  • What difference does it make in the market?
  • Does it arouse curiosity?
  • Do you have a flashy icon?
  • Do you have constant updates?

Among others “something more” for an application. In addition, you can count on an agile application creation in the practical development. First, develop the idea by structuring it.

Then count on services like the DAT APP, which offers you the perfect platform to develop your ideas and make an application.

Plans for creating applications:

Create free account to create application:


2 Successful Apps to Inspire


Collaborative application, joining an avid food audience to deliveries available in the city. Sure you’ve seen it at least once on TV or YouTube.



An app that has adapted, going from a simple geolocation application to a popular app with several features that make it complete.

And even that, I knew how to take advantage of the profit that ads bring in interactively.

And so, Mobile application has grown every time in the market, betting on innovation and interaction. It is to strengthen relations with the public and to prove that it is necessary to the client. Now it’s time to create your app.

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