Marketing is probably one of the most adaptive tools in the market, attending to the need to publicize every product or service. And within the mobile industry, mobile marketing serves its purpose.

But efficiently? It is important to make the right disclosure as the use of mobile devices in the world is growing more and more, becoming a huge potential market.

And in this article you will understand a little more about what it is and what its methods / tools. Learn more about this strategy and see how it can be most effectively applied.

Mobile Marketing: What is it?

Just like regular Marketing, it is a strategy of communication and Digital Marketing adopted by a company for dissemination. And this disclosure seeks to reach just the audience of mobile devices.

And that audience is growing more and more, with the use of mobile devices becoming more habitual. Closer relationships with this audience is the mainstay for increasing sales or becoming a known brand.

It is a Digital Marketing aimed at the mobile, understanding the market and how agile it is. The whole concept of mobile devices involves mobility, speed. And the strategy also follows the same pace.

Therefore, some methods / tools can be crucial to an effective Mobile Marketing and you can see them below.

Top Methods / Tools for Mobile Marketing

Responsive sites

The most visible, responsive sites are those that fit properly on any device that accesses it. It is bringing a pleasant experience to the user who accesses your site.

In Mobile Marketing, making the user have a pleasant experience is the main point to make him a potential customer. Thus, they end up feeling comfortable in accessing quality content.

SMS Marketing

Another effective strategy for engaging customers is sending SMS text messages. This method creates relationship actions, remembering commemorative dates, congratulating birthday, informing about promotions, etc.

It’s a way of engaging the customer by tightening ties before selling anything to him, straight from the cell phone.

QR Code

The union of two worlds, the physical and the digital, through the QR Code becomes possible. A technology that uses bar code readable for smartphones, and that ends up directing the user to a page.

And so efficient. You can direct it to corporate websites, watch videos with product releases or even an institutional game, among other things.

And even, it’s a DAT APP feature. Yes, DAT APP has your QR Code and, if you are interested, know more about our plans.

Plans for creating applications:

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Digital Marketing and the Mobile Application: How does it work?

The use of 3G / 4G has grown more and more, almost half of users have smartphone, 86% of users do search for purchases on mobile. The mobile site is the main channel of commercial activities!

It is clear that betting on Mobile Marketing is creating rapprochement with the public, which increasingly migrates to the mobile device. The chance of the public to interact through this medium is much greater.

In addition to creating a more user-friendly mood, as if he could access his product / service wherever he is. Even this touches on another point: accessibility.

Accessibility for the customer through mobile applications is a current hot topic. There is a need for the product to suit the consumer, not the other way round.

And this can suit specific tastes or even special needs such as color-blind and monochromatic. The strength of Mobile Marketing is precisely to serve the entire public.

Tips for an Effective Mobile Marketing

  1. Send stimulating messages to consumer action with a deadline (also called a shortage trigger);
  2. In addition, Mobile Marketing should be a call to action direct, with almost no effort to access on the part of the user;
  3. Invest in social, a fanpage can be effective in publicizing a product / service or even use Facebook Ads;
  4. Prioritize the primary functions in the field of dissemination of your product / service. Do they sail easily? Do they find what they are looking for? This is important to have good feedback;
  5. Loading speed should be as agile as possible, because a user waiting too long for access ends up giving up. Always leave the platform up to date, light and efficient.

And there is still a lot more to learn with Mobile Marketing in the market. More and more your presence becomes heavy – and the tendency is to get much more.