Monetize an app these days can earn us good money. Making money online with app is possible. And we’ll show you how the process works.


How to monetize an app and make it profitable?

Applications can be a good alternative for anyone planning to generate traffic to a website or blog. So understanding how to monetize an app these days is as important as writing an article for a blog or social network.

In order for your app to be a worthy source of money, it is important that you try to understand how the main niches of action that use the app work, among them we can highlight:

  • Education;
  • Cheers;
  • Beauty;
  • Welfare;
  • Healthy life;
  • Sports;

There are many tools used to monetize a certain application, in the current market, we find Admob and Facebook Ads. By opting to use ads for app monetization, we should be aware of the high return potential that this type of ad can bring us.

By having many in-app ads, that is, those that are within the applications, we must follow norms and policies that guarantee us quality and standardization.

But for ads within mobile sites to take effect, it’s important that ads are visible and sites are easy to navigate.

We can not forget the stages of development of the campaigns, which must be optimized for the respective channel.


Understand how monetization works within Admob

In order for the result to be satisfactory, you must first choose which ads to place in the application. With Admob, to make work easier, we can use category filters so that there is alignment between the ad and the content that is within your app.

We can use the Ad Review Center to ensure there are no typing errors and still see how the ad will stay before publishing.

When you’re using Admob, do not forget the ad format that the program offers, just to remember see:

1 – Banner ads.

Commonly found on both the top and bottom of the app, you need to put them in the correct positioning so that the ad can be perfectly adapted to the screen.

2 – Interstitial ads.

These should occupy the entire screen, and only appear with natural app transitions.

3 – Video ads.

Video ads can be attractive, but there is one issue that should not be overlooked by marketers, this type of ad is usually abandoned by a user every 5 seconds.

Admob can be practical for those who do not have much experience, but to maintain the customer’s attention we must always respect a standard.


How do we calculate the refund amount?

As we get reimbursed for the profits paid through advertising, then comes the question: How is this calculation accomplished?

In the case of Ads, there is a model known as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), ad itself. If there is a lot of competition, bids should also increase.

Anyone who deals directly with a sponsored link knows that there is good prospect with regard to CPM, only in 2013 there was a 200% increase in bids due to high competition.

Fill-in rates also usually have a good advantage, since Admob can fill up to 100% of the space at the time the ad is being served.

Please note that payment is only made on the 21st of each month. There is a limit that should be respected whenever you redeem your winnings on the platform.


Check out other ways to monetize an app.

While the basis for creating ads is the same, depending on our ultimate goal, we can monetize the app using the following strategies:

  • Charge a fee upon use of an app.

For those who do not know where to start in technology, a good tip is to create an app website, and charge for its use. If your application has a high complexity, and there is no competition for it, this is a good way to make a profit.

As the need to use the application, especially if it belongs to a specific niche, customers will pay a fee to use.

Games applications are often well-paid, because they are unique, it’s hard for you to see similar games.

When the app is paid, there is a certain decrease in downloads. Another issue that every app developer needs to know is that there is a collection fee of approximately 30%, which virtual stores usually charge to be able to market these applications.

  • Place ads in free apps.

If you offer the app for free, you can place ads on them. Therefore, you do not need to charge for the user to download your app.

With this, we can also expand the user base, and spread the application more and more. Before using ads, you should take these comments into account.

Note that with a high number of users accessing your app, you can also give space for others to advertise in your app.

The best way to create ads for this purpose is by using platforms such as Admob, and

The most commonly used platforms for this purpose are Google Admob and the Facebook Public Network.

  • Offer paid versions, but do not show ads.

One of the biggest drop-outs for users with respect to certain apps is the high number of ads that show up in the same app.

To avoid this inconvenience, and to make the application cleaner for the client, you can request a payment for a fee and thereby exclude the ads.

  • Application that allows to make purchases.

Granting space for shopping, in addition to being practical for the customer, is fully profitable for the developer.

We can see good examples of these applications when we look at games and sales apps.

By monetizing an app and placing a sales channel, you’ll be expanding your user base.

See examples of applications like these that already exist, and take as a basis to create one: Candy Crush, Tinder and OLX.


How do I offer applications through service sales?

If you are a service provider, a good way to present your work is by offering an application, and still be able to charge for it.

One of the best ideas to advertise your application is to charge for an accomplished service. We can cite as an example, the applications: Uber, IFood and 99taxis, these charge for service performed.

To meet your needs, you can choose a monetization model that is mixed.

If you want to reach many customers through an application that has lots of content, it’s critical that you build a strategy so your application does not become annoying from the customer’s point of view.


Factors that help you choose the type of monetization.

In order for your strategy to be the best you can, you need to take some factors into consideration before you can define a monetization method for your app, here are a few of these factors:

1 – Do a research and analysis the competition.

By making this comparison, we can average how much the application similar to ours is being charged. With this, you are able to create payment alternatives that will bring you a good return.

2 – See how users are using the application.

How users are using competitive apps can help you choose the form of monetization that fits your reality.

If the app is too casual, the chances of buying and advertising will be higher. So if you want to delete the ads, you can put a button so that they can buy.

3 – Increase the number of application functions.

A good thing is to create features that grab users’ attention, let users try out your app, and charge a fee so they can use the extra features.

4 – Assemble a cost structure.

Deploy the subscription system only if you need it. There is the possibility to allow time for the customer to evaluate, and then if you want to use the app, you may charge a small fee.

5 – Study your audience so there are no mistakes.

By defining your target audience, you can avoid a lot of headaches. Even with regard to financial planning.

Paid apps are only best suited when they have features that are really needed for customers’ day-to-day lives.

Recommendations to create a good strategy

To have a strategy that really works, you should use the following tips:

  • Perform a statistical analysis within the Google Play Console.

Through these reviews, we have a good sense of user buying patterns, the key statistics we can see are “average revenue per paying user, and new buyers versus those who are returning to the app.”

  • Learn about your client’s buying behavior with Firebase Analytics.

We can do extensive data analysis with up to 500 events with this tool, we get important information to understand the buying behavior of customers.

  • If it is a game app, make a detailed analysis of the players.

To generate a more consistent revenue, review the players profile to use the most correct monetization strategy for the game.

The strategy acts as a direction to follow, so it must have a good structure.

To monetize an application, you must create an App

If you want to have an app, you need to create one. With the DAT APP, we can create efficient applications. Monetizing an app goes far beyond creating an ad, we should do a preliminary study on the behavior of application users.

We have the ability to integrate with social networks, create interactive galleries, all to attract customers and build consistent and truly working planning.

Application marketing needs content, much like blog marketing and social media marketing. We can use the application to improve some indicators within the digital marketing, integrating with the site and the main social networks that we have.

Investing in content is just as important as having an application that looks good. Create content aimed at your target audience, be consistent and be careful with writing.

When creating an advertisement, be realistic. Captivate the customer by what the product or service really can offer, to be able to improve their day to day.

Deception has never been a good choice in the business world, and technology is no different. Speaking the truth frees us from many other evils.

Remember, there is no longer any need to study programming to create an app and monetize. With software like DAT APP we can create an app quickly.

Put only the features your customer really needs. It’s no use filling the screens app, as this will end up distressing the client, and he will no longer want to use your app.

In the DAT APP, we have everything that is necessary to have an app ready, so we should not forget the three-click rule, this helps to put together an application that is not difficult to use.


Want to know more about how to monetize an app and how to create one? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Monetizing an app has become a profession that may be profitable, but for this to be possible, we need to create one. And for that, we can make use of a platform like DAT APP.

With a tool like this, we create applications for the most diverse niches of performance. On our site, you have the chance to try out how this program works in practice.

Never forget, plan ahead before creating any technology project, research your target audience, and in times of crisis be realistic with the metrics so you do not end up getting lost in the middle of the journey.

Tools exist to help us, but we must be careful not to suffer greater disappointments. Comparing the competition helps us understand how the market is working moment, either in relation to the price that is being applied or even with the behavior of the consumer.

In life, whatever project we are going to do, being cautious can keep us up.