Did you know that you can create apps without knowing how to code? Creating a mobile application brings a lot of benefits to your business. In Brazil, the use of applications has increased considerably. After all, we are in the Digital Age and all people live connected.

In addition, shopping and service becomes simpler and more agile for apps. This is because your customer will not need to connect a computer or even move to the company.

He will be able to solve everything by his own cell phone. In addition to comfort, the company / customer relationship is improved, with greater possibilities of loyalty.

In this article you will understand how it is possible to develop an application without having any idea of ​​programming. We’ll also list some powerful tools for building applications quickly and conveniently. Be sure to check and read!

How to develop mobile apps without having to understand programming?

Having an app of its own has become increasingly important. As you noticed in the introduction to this article, the benefits are numerous, both for the company and for the customer.

To create an application for a smartphone you have three options. The first is to hire a programmer or a company that develops applications. The second is to develop an application yourself. And the third is to use tools that develop apps without having to know how to program.

If you are a microentrepreneur, the first option will require you a cost that may be a little beyond your means.

The second option would require a little effort for you to learn to program alone. Also, you would need to understand a bit of design.

And that’s where the third option comes in. Cheaper, easier and more practical for you and your company. There are some tools that currently allow you to create apps without having to understand programming. Also, you will not need to spend hours studying to create the application yourself.

Next you will check out the best platforms so you can develop your own application without having to break your head.


This is a tool that allows you to develop a native application for all available platforms: iOS APP, Android APP and Web APP – HTML.

The DAT App also has a very attractive look and powerful features, such as:

  • User management
  • App Dashboard allowing you to customize your app the way you prefer
  • Push notifications
  • M-commerce
  • Native WooCommerce
  • In-app messages
  • Chat features
  • Appointments
  • Taxi ride
  • Loyalty card
  • Smart ads
  • Among other options

If you want to ensure success for your business, engage your customer, improving his relationship with the company, this is a great option for you. The tool can be created in Portuguese and English.

And the best: you will have the application for your company without having to know how to program, and you can start for free.

In this link you can check all available DAT App plans.

Appy Pie

This is another tool that there is also no need to know how to program. It already comes with some specific items for some types of applications such as restaurants and e-commerce.

The platform also has a free plan with limited options. If you want to use the platform with more advanced options, it is necessary to pay a plan.


This is a platform that enables you to create an application using HTML5. It is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

The platform has several features, such as chat, photo gallery, branding, real-time updates and so on. It also has a dashboard for you to modify your app any way you like.

Appmark offers a free, ad-free plan. If you want more advanced options, it is necessary to make a monthly investment.

Now you know that you can develop apps without knowing how to program. Make a plan with the DAT App and improve the relationship with your customers, increasing the chance of loyalty. See you!

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