If you use an app, but still do not know what app is, we’ll explain everything here in the article.


Know what is an App.

An app is used on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. We can see apps on operating systems like Android, IOS and Symbian.

For the Android version, we have to search for applications in the Android Market, in this store there are applications that are paid and others free. Remember that in the case of Android to access the applications is necessary to have an account with Google.

Only for Android, we can find about 400,000 applications, in the Windows system, there is also a virtual store to purchase these applications called WindowsStore.

The app can be used for just about everything from games to calculating spreadsheets for anyone working with statistics and financial math. The most commonly used apps around the world are:

  1. Commercial, such as Facebook, for example;
  2. Games;
  3. Academics.

Nowadays, in any area of the economy, we always see someone having access to some kind of application. Applications are useful for organizing our routine, or even entertaining us. So if you know what app is, you can learn how to create and make money with it.

Let’s show you how an application works, how you can market, and where you can build your application. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to know programming to create an app.


How does the app work?

The operation of an app changes according to its ultimate goal, ie to what it was created. Generally, it is necessary to have an email account and create a profile.

In the case of WhatsApp, for example, the most popular application on the planet and also in Brazil, we need to have an account linked to Google and create a profile with a photo.

Other features, such as video or phone conversation, are directly related to the purpose for which this application was developed.

As we mentioned above, for financial math applications we will have features related to that area, such as accessing spreadsheets and using the scientific calculator.

Before creating an app, it is important that the developer already has in mind so that he will create this app. And with that, he can develop an application that will be in common use.

Compare the features of the applications, and so when you create one, you’ll already know what to put in it so it’s a good application.

What are the advantages of having an app?
Because it offers many business opportunities, apps have many business advantages, check out some of the following advantages:

1- Helps to retain customers.

When someone makes use of your app, surely this user will always make relationship with the services that you will offer.

2- Ease of relationship.

With the app, it is possible to strengthen the image of any brand, which helps to maintain the relationship with the customers, thus transmitting greater confidence in what the company propagates.

3- Allows creation of promotions.

Through the app, the company can make discount coupons available. Being that this is a strategy that is already much used in commemorative dates.

4- Creation and dissemination of events.

If your company works with event creation and advertising, the entire process can be accomplished via the app. Within this, we can send notifications to users so they can learn more about the desired events.

5- Launch of products and services.

When you launch the application, you can ask the customer to know your products or services through the use of the application.

6- Help the client to have more information.

Within the app, we have the ability to offer the following information to customers: “Offline map to get you, opening times, service particularities, menus/menu, email, contact phone”.

This makes the search for information become practical, and this makes the customers see the company with good eyes.

7- Expand your source channels to the consumer.

With the help of the app, you multiply your source of contacts with the customer, so it is possible to improve the commitment of your brand, making it stronger in the market.

By investing in apps, companies only have to win, and customers can count on several ways to contact the company at some point they need.


Which are the most popular apps?

Now that you know what app is, let’s show you which apps are best known for you to take as inspiration. These apps can help you optimize your cell phone, and still organize your routine. Check out some suggestions.

  1. Facebook;
  2. YouTube;
  3. Google Maps;
  4. Yahoo Finance;
  5. eBay;
  6. Skype;

Some of these applications allow us to have contact with friends and clients, find a certain location, and still have control of our finances.

All over the world, the app is used for just about anything, and every year this market is growing absurdly.


Statistical data on the app market.

In Brazil alone, we already have a broad vision of how this market is growing with each passing year. The number of Internet users in the country reached 85 million inhabitants in 2015.

Android is the most common operating system here, it is used by approximately 72% of users. Social networking applications account for about 20% of all users, being the most popular among mobile phones and smartphones.

Across Latin America, we already have about 332 million Internet users, of which 114 million are in Brazil. For the year 2020, a total of 414 million Internet users in Latin America are expected.

The frequency of use of Facebook and WhatsApp reaches 95%, which makes these applications lead the ranking. These numbers already give us a good idea of how the apps market can be important to leverage the economy and generate direct and indirect jobs.

Within the app market, there are possibilities both for those who know how to program and for those who do not understand programming at all. The key to the success of the application, is to know for what it will be intended after its creation.

Trivia about the world of apps.

When we know what app is, soon we are curious about some factors, such as who created it, what was the first app, etc, so let’s talk here in this topic, some important curiosities about the app, we should know.

1 – Who created WhatsApp?

Developed by Ukrainian Jan Koum, WhatsApp became Facebook, for a payment of $ 19 billion. This made the app owner become one of the richest men in Silicon Valley.

After WhatsApp, many other voice and call applications were created, but not as popular as WhatsApp.

2 – When did the applications come?

The first creation that has news, was in the year of 2007 when the smartphones were launched. The applications came with a mission to facilitate tasks that once seemed complicated for certain people who did not really understand technology.

These, in turn, are increasingly evolving, optimizing the lives of people around the world.

3 – How did social networks arise?

The beginnings of social networking began in 1985, developed by AOL. This company created a page where people could create a profile and discuss topics of their interest.

But, this only began to gain force from the year 2000 with the popularization of the use of the internet. More precisely in the year 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

As we realized, applications were already being used by humanity in the early days of the internet, with the creation of cell phones, only the focus of the creation of these software was changed.


Economy Sectors that most use Apps.

Here in Brazil the sector that most uses the app is the buying and selling. According to (Mobile Time) about 41% of Brazilians make use of applications to make some kind of purchase, or even sell some product. Here are the most common apps for buying and selling:

  • Mercado Livre;
  • AliExpress;
  • OLX;

There are even applications being used for taxi, delivery, and travel shopping via the internet. For those starting in the IT field, the application industry can be profitable and attractive.

How to use the app as a digital bait?

As we understand what app is, we see that its use is truly broad for society. And with the help of digital marketing, this gets to be clear.

One way to make use of the app is to entice customers to download it and try it out if it’s a paid version. With this, through “client permission”, you can create your contact list, spontaneously and truthfully.

For example, if you own a restaurant it is possible that you create a delivery app and request customer access through a customer account, which is authorized by the customer.

This causes your website or blog to start generating consistent traffic and bring you good returns.

Top tips for creating an app.

According to Sebrae specialist, Renato Fonseca de Andrade so that the entrepreneur who intends to develop applications is harmless, it is necessary to follow certain tips. Find out what these tips are, and try to put them into practice if you want to work with applications:

1 – Who will use of the app is the client.

The application should resolve a possible pain that the client may have at some point in their life so that they can remember the application as something useful in their life.

2 – Apply Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a method that allows us to put the customer at the beginning of innovation. This method helps us build solutions based on customer empathy.

3 – Make lots of tests.

Even in the design process, it’s critical to show customers how this will work, so early in the design process, it’s critical that customers know what it will look like when it’s ready.

4 – Never stop updating the app.

After the application is created, if you notice a possible failure, always try to update. Remember that applications like Facebook and WhatsApp go through constant updates.

5 – Report.

A good way to advertise an application is through social networks, with which we can ask the user to download a registration, which makes us have a list of leads in a simpler way.

The app is now one of the easiest ways to solve customer problems, whether through a FAQ or chat system. However, we see that an app goes far beyond solving problems, an app should help the company make the strong brand in the market with ample competition.

So for those who are looking to be an app developer and market it, be sure to know what your customer needs, survey requirements so there are no future mistakes and let everything is documented.

Can we create an app with DAT APP?

With this system, we are able to develop apps in minutes without the need to understand programming. With it, there is the possibility of customizing the design, and also carry out monitoring to know how are their indexes in search engines and social networks.

There is also the function of publishing, sharing, and creating the content to be published in the application.


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As you become more interested in what your app is, your knowledge of it tends to grow and you become a professional who develops and markets those applications.

Do not waste time, start today to find out how to develop a useful app for your company that will add value to your brand, the app will surely bring companies and customers together, they can even grow your network by advertising the app.