Do you know what is QR Code? This tool came from Japan, being invented in 1994. Basically, QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code. It was initially made for the automotive industry. Then it became popular around the world, especially by the rise of smartphones.

Unlike regular barcodes, the two-dimensional barcode has 100 times more information storage capacity. Thus, it becomes a great option to connect the world online and offline.

In this article you will understand why QR Code is such a powerful tool, how to use it in marketing strategies and how important it is. Be sure to check and read!

What is QR Code and why is it a powerful tool?

  • It is a universal tool, compatible with any cell phone, and can reach several people.
  • It is an easy tool to be created, generating an excellent cost-benefit.
  • It is a traceable tool that can be used to collect information, controlling the results of your marketing actions.
  • It is a good tool to attract attention of your audience, allowing a greater engagement between company / client.
  • Access to information is done quickly and practically.
  • A QR Code reader can be customized the way your company thinks best, meeting the essential needs.
  • They can have a huge range of content, and can be displayed both offline and online.

See how QR code is a powerful tool? It allows a world of options for your company to get closer to the customers. That way, it’s much easier to engage your audience and make them loyal.

How can the QR Code reader be used in the company’s marketing strategies?

There are several ways you can engage your audience by using the QR Code, allowing them to perform various actions.

  • With the QR Code it is possible to distribute information

This is the main way you can use QR Code. It allows you to make a link in order for your customer to know more information about the product. It can also be used for the customer to know more about the company or at some special event.

For example, QR Code can be used on a restaurant menu. So the client has how to know more about particular dish, the chef or the place itself.

  • It is possible to make a purchase with the code QR Code

This is a great example of a multi-channel strategy. A showroom, for example, allows consumers to look, touch, and try some product. After that, it is enough that the order is made through the internet. All thanks to QR Code.

That way, you offer a different experience for your customers, practical, digital, quick and easy. And to be even better, it still allows you to take control of your inventory.

  • You can distribute coupons through QR Code

It is good for both the user, because of its practicality, and for the company reducing expenses. After all, you will not need paper, you will not have to carry the coupon to the customer, and you can adapt your strategies in different ways.

Why is it important that applications have QR Code currently?

With the QR Code, applications can increase their functionality.

For example, if your company has an e-commerce, you can use the QR Code to make the customer have direct access to your product. This allows for greater speed and convenience for both your company and your customers.

That’s because, just start the application reading or use the camera’s own phone so that the client has access to content on the internet. So it will not need to enter the web address. Everything much more practical, economical and easy.

Now you know what QR Code is and why it is important to use it in your marketing strategies. See you!

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